We are common lay people, who amid our busy life routines, reserve some time to indulge and savour food. We don't intend to spend all day focusing attention on that, although we do admire and adore people who does it - we learn from them all the time and mostly, love to savour the food they cook, talk about and describe. We love food blogs, restaurant reviews, new ingredients and recipes.

From different standpoints and cultures, The Art of Savouring modestly intends to present new perspectives and build up our opinions. We just wanted to create a place for a quick break, where people can enjoy, talk/read about food and bring that good energy into daily habits.

The Art of Savouring has a very simple mission.

Take good care of ourselves and our body.

Make the best of our lives. Adapting the old saying, "you are what you eat and how you live". The goal for this page is to have a place where people can have a break through busy lifestyles and appreciate healthy food - it could be homemade, take-out, gourmet, raw, grilled, seasonal....

This is just a modest starting point for us to be able to find enjoyment in easily forgotten activities every day. Different cultures and cuisines are welcome and appreciated.

The Art of Savouring will bring and present to you ways to prepare, indulge, taste, experience food from a special point of view.

As mentioned earlier, the five senses plus the human intelligence are vital for this task: we can experience food in a total new level, if we pay attention to all the hints brought to our body by our "six" senses


Our Mission