Passionate, loving, hardworking, eager to learn something new everyday, food lover, far-from-good cook, avid food-articles reader.

The idea of this page started developing through my old personal blog. Having a passion for savouring food, trying good restaurants, having a great friend that is studying to be a chef, started to live in California, coming from a family where food is a very important subject, finding my love who also appreciates food as I do, having a multicultural background and influence of multiple cuisines on the palate... all explains my love for appreciating food - not that is that difficult to love it.

Building that up to the daily routine and years passing by, you realize that your body is truly your ultimate home. You carry it everywhere and better take good care of its maintenance - and that's when I started thinking about the senses and experiencing simple daily habits with new "eyes".

Hope you are enjoying the The Art of Savouring.